Teens Can Be Really Messy, And That’s Okay

Published on February 10, 2021

A lot of parents understand when toddlers are very messy, since they are too young to understand the concept of tidiness. These parents tend to hope that as their kids age, they will become more organized, and for many parents, this just never happens.

Teenagers Are Messy

Teenagers Are Messy

The thing is, a lot of parents think that as kids become capable of folding laundry, putting things away, and being overall more tidy, it means that it will happen.

Even when kids are old enough to do things for themselves, that does not mean they will.

The thing is, teenagers are going through so much in their young lives. They’re trying to balance stresses from school, their social lives, their changing bodies, and we haven’t even mentioned hormones yet.

That means that for some teenagers, maybe making the bed is not going to be at the top of their priority list.

Sometimes It's Okay If Their Rooms Are Messy

Sometimes It’s Okay If Their Rooms Are Messy

So, do you just give up and make peace with a messy home? No. The best method is to try to instill habits in them from when they are young, so that making their beds, keeping things clean and organized, and generally keeping tidy will come naturally to them without you having to nag them all the time.

But the fact remains, they are not going to be perfect. So save yourself the mental breakdown and remember that your kids are going through a lot, and sometimes unmade beds are not a good enough reason to get into a fight.