Don’t Try This At Home: 4 Underage Kids Take Parent’s Car On A 600-Mile Road Trip

Published on January 6, 2020

Don’t try this at home, kids! Four kids in Australia, who’s ages range between 10 and 14, managed to steal their parents’ car and take it on a 600-mile joy ride along the Australian coastline before being caught! The kids, a 10 year old girl, two 13 year old boys, and a 14 year old boy, were found by officials after they parked along a New South Wales highway.

The Kids Took Their Family's Car For A 600 Mile Drive

The Kids Took Their Family’s Car For A 600 Mile Drive

“It’s a pretty big journey. It’s a long way for a person to do it, but I suppose a couple cans of Red Bull and you’re likely to do anything,” an inspector named Darren Williams shared.

The kids left their parents a note before taking the Nissan Patrol SUV, which they stocked with fishing poles, and headed off on their drive. They drove from Rockhampton, located in the region of Queensland, all the way to Grafton, New South Wales. The trip is about 10 hours long, and they were found at about 10:40 at night.

Williams added, “It’s a long way, in excess of 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) from Rockhampton down to Grafton. I couldn’t imagine one person actually driving all that way in two days.” The officials are assuming that the kids took turns driving. For reference, the legal driving age in Queensland is 17, so none of the children would have legally been allowed to drive at the time.

Once the police officers tracked their location using cell phones, they set off to find them. Once they were found, they actually refused to get out of the car. They even made it clear that they knew they were fugitives, but they did not seem to care much. Only after the police officer broke down a window of the car using his baton, the children finally cooperated.

Luckily no one was harmed, and the children were then taken into custody to face the repercussions of their actions.

Road Trip

Road Trip